Craft, with empathy.

small but mighty is a design studio founded on the belief that beautiful design is not just an external expression, but a core human value. It begins with compassionate attention to the inner wisdom of those affecting and affected by each piece of work we produce so that we craft with empathy, rendering story and strategy into elegant visual design.
point of arrival collateral
design makes change poster
Jay Bolotin packaging
Coaching gets invigorated
Poster inspired
An enchanting package
Branding and design that sets the stage for a start-up to flourish > > >
Visual storytelling as invitation to solve air quality issues in a Chicago neighborhood > > >
An international artist’s visual and musical tales cleverly packaged > > >
“From my first conversation, small but mighty was an incredible partner, with all of the talents and experience I needed. What I discovered was a collaborative process that was so much richer than I expected. Janalyn started by really understanding what the company silently communicated at its core and what I hoped to deliver to my clients. Her ability to use narrative inquiry was brilliant in helping me unlock my own insights. From logo iterations to layout designs, Janalyn brought my vision into reality. She listened deeply to what was important to me - the words and what was underneath the words. She was always gently bold in guiding me or challenging me. This is why Janalyn is not just a designer, but a true partner. She brought to life the intangible vision inside my head. The final result is more than I hoped for - I have a brand identity that communicates not only what my company does, but it reflects my energy and personality. The design elements communicate a mood, a message, a feeling - without using any words on the page.”
Katrina Calihan, President & Founder, Point of Arrival