It starts with a story, not a sketch.

Effective brands transcend printed and digital ephemera. And while visual design is important, the real power lies in the meaningful relationships developed with those you serve. This is why small but mighty listens with care for the inner wisdom, approaching each project with empathy before giving visual definition to the story that supports your relationships. We're a small studio doing mighty things, for those who do mighty things for others.

Our highly collaborative partnership is sustained through all three phases of each engagement:

1 | DISCOVER | research, listen, incubate | Where we listen and learn from those we’re designing for

2 | DEFINE | ideate, refine, iterate | Where we make sense of what’s learned and begin to identify how it’s actualized through visual design

3 | DESIGN | build, review & critique, deliver | Where we bring story to life through elegant visuals, designed with empathy for those you serve
“The creative process was fun, inspiring, and really helped us think about the kind of business we wanted to be. Through her thoughtful and purposeful questions and well thought out suggestions, Janalyn helped us narrow in and fine tune our voice. Janalyn was very patient, kind, and always made us feel that our ideas were heard. From colors, to theme, to emotion, she took our words and turned them into a beautiful piece of art. That art now defines who our business is, with a beautiful logo and strong brand.”
Michele and Jason Leadbetter, Therapists & Owners, Leadbetter Rehabilitation Clinic

Janalyn Kidd is small but mighty.

With nearly a decade of experience exploring the richness of human nature for some of the world’s most respected brands as a qualitative research partner with Brandtrust, and two decades as small but mighty, crafting stories through visual design for small start ups like Popskull (which she was a co-founder) to global non-profits, Janalyn brings her extensive cross-disciplinary skills to support small organizations with a mission to do mighty things for others.

Janalyn founded small but mighty on the belief that beautiful design is not just an external expression, but a core human value. She has a history as a maker of art, and leveraged a B.F.A. in Drawing/Painting into a hands-on approach to design. Her work has been published in magazines that feature contemporary communication and design like Communication Arts and PRINT, and has been awarded by AIGA and the American Advertising Federation.

Janalyn is also the founder of small but mighty press, an independent publisher and supporter of the cool stuff artists make. Check out their first book, Unstoppable Decay, here.
Photograph by Allison Specketer >